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The Neighbourhood Pharmacy At Your Fingertips.

In 1998, the owners of ADV-Care Pharmacy Inc. realized the emergence of internet technology and its potential application to provide convenience and privacy to patients allowing them to order and receive their pharmaceutical medication in the privacy of their own offices, homes or travel destinations.

Our History

accreditation licensing from Ontario college of pharmacists
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ADV-Care Pharmacy
ADV-Care Pharmacy
ADV-Care Pharmacy
ADV-Care Pharmacy
ADV-Care Pharmacy
ADV-Care Pharmacy

What We Do ...

  • We provide personal, confidential, comprehensive, customized pharmaceutical services on a one-to-one basis.

  • Customers can order online their medication, receive friendly refill-reminders, track the processing of their orders online until received.

  • You talk directly to our pharmacist for all your medication needs.

  • We offer all prescription and specialty drugs and save money on more than 20,000 health and beauty items.

  • We bill your Canadian health insurance plan directly to reduce your out-of-pocket cost.

  • We deliver direct to you -- anywhere in Ontario or to your travel destinations worldwide.

  • Canadian and Snowbirds have enjoyed our convenient service since the year 2000.

  • We have been serving both US and Canadian employers to effectively reduce their health plan costs.

Our Registered Customers enjoy ...

  • Frequent shopper discount on non-prescription medications.

  • A record of previous purchases for easy re-ordering.

  • Shipping to a different address of their choice.

  • Confidential and secure private transactions for all personal information.

  • Comprehensive, online managed care service.

  • Automatic drug interaction check for their prescriptions as well as health and beauty products.

  • Convenient refill reminder service.

  • Online ordering of prescriptions, refill and pharmacy transfer

Our privacy policy ...

Personal Information of our customers is gathered only to establish a profile that helps us provide a safe, fast and efficient service. We will not use the information for any marketing or other purpose, nor will we share it with any third parties. You retain your complete privacy while taking advantage of all services we offer.

Our Delivery policy ...

Delivery of medications is managed by Canada Post Express Post registered delivery service. Contact our Customer Service for Other delivery arrangement. (Check shipping and handling charges)

Our Counselling policy ...

Our pharmacy will attempt to contact customers by phone for counselling on all prescription medications and OTC products. If after two tries no contact is established with the customer an email will be sent inviting the customer to call our toll free number during business hours. Our pharmacists are always available during business hours to answer any questions. Click Here for contact information.

Our Customer Care policy ...

Customers can send their concerns or complaints to our Customer Service Manager or Pharmacy Manager. Matters will be resolved within five (5) business days. Click Here for contact information.

Our Services