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No more waiting in pharmacies
Send your prescription information in less than a minute with our app
Delivery to your doorsteps worldwide

ADV-Care Pharmacy is proud to introduce a Mobile app for iPhone and Android . It allows you to easily manage your prescription profile & documents, Fill/Refill your prescription orders, manage all your medication & appointment reminders quickly and easily using apple and android devices.

Use your Mobile to download the App from Apple App store or Android Google Play – search for “ADV-Care pharmacy” or “Canadian Pharmacy”.

  • Customers can view the prices of the Canadian Medication and OTC products offered by ADV-Care pharmacy, then select the medication required to fill.

  • First time customers can use the App to register with the pharmacy and fill out their entire medical information, their attending physician's and their preferred contact information privately and securely using 256 bit encryption. 

  • Repeat customers can always login to their account and use the App to fill / refill. Canadian residents can transfer their Canadian prescriptions from another Canadian Pharmacy.

  • Complete the order by following the shopping cart steps to provide the customer's pick-up/delivery options and payment methods including credit cards or personal check with their Canadian insurance information.

  • The doctor can send the prescription by fax- otherwise customers can take a picture of their hand written prescription and mail the original or deliver it when picking up their medication.

  • Registered customers can view all their medication on file to refill their selection.

  • Customers can log into their account anytime to track their order status.

You can download our App from Apple APP STORE or from Google Play  .