Pharmacy Services for Canadian Residents

Canadian Residents Services

If you are a Canadian resident or a snowbird with Canadian doctor's prescriptions, please follow these instructions to fill/order your prescription(s):

FREE shipping on all orders over $89 to any address in Canada

Register With Us

If this is your first order Register with us and fill out your entire medical information, your attending physician information and your preferred contact information. Please ensure that your insurance information and your local pharmacy information are included.

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Fill New RX Online

Click here to order using your written prescription(s) or Select your medication. Add your selection(s) to the shopping cart and then follow the instructions to complete your order. Also include your credit card number and expiry date! Note Rx Orders made online DO NOT constitute a completed order and will not be processed without the necessary paperwork including your prescription(s).

If you have a drug plan, we will bill the insurer for you. You will pay only your deductible. You may choose payment by credit card, cheque, money order or fax. We will deliver your order to you within 24-48 hours on rush orders. Regular orders of $79 or more are delivered free anywhere in Canada.

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Sending Your RX

Visit your doctor and ask him/her to write a prescription for a 3 months supply with 3 refills (whenever possible). Have the doctor's office fax all your prescriptions to 1-877-948-0464. If this is not possible please mail-in your prescriptions to our pharmacy. Some of your Emergency medications can be transferred to your local pharmacy for pick-up, other maintenance medications will be supplied from ADV-CARE.

If you have the prescription with you now, please call us at: (905) 948-1991 or toll Free 1-888-471-4721 (outside Toronto).
Please ensure that your order is correct. Medicines cannot be returned after being shipped.

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Other Services

Transfer RX Online

If you have your prescription(s) filled at another Canadian pharmacy and would like us to fill them for you, you can select the drug(s) to transfer your prescriptions online.

Click Here if you have ordered online previously, and would like to refill your prescription(s).

Pay For Your Order

You can pay for your order by credit card or personal check, Click Here for instructions on how to pay using your personal check.

Also, you can click Here to download our eCheck pre-authorization form.

If you have filled your prescription(s) with ADV-Care Pharmacy on-line, you can check your order processing status any time or click Here to check your mailed/phoned orders status.

Fax Order

If you have not registered online with us and prefer to fax all your information to us, you can download our Fax Kit with detailed instructions. To view the Fax Kit, you will need an Adobe® Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge. If you cannot use Adobe® Acrobat, or unable to download the Fax Kit, call us for further details.

Please ensure that your credit card number and expiry date are included if your order is mailed or faxed.

Browse OTC Products

We have a wide selection of over the counter (OTC) products. Simply click on a link below to view the products we have to offer.Browse all our OTC product categories. Add your selection to your shopping cart.

Please note:

I. Certain medications are not suitable for shipping.

ii. Controlled medications may not be shipped.