ADV-CARE Pharmacy E-Check Debit Instructions

ADV-Care E-Check will produce a check or electronic debit for the amount of your purchase. The ADV-Care E-Check will be routed to your bank for payment, just like a check written from your checkbook. Only the amount that you have specified on the E-check will be debited from your account. Your bank will include the ADV-Care E-Check with your regular monthly statement information. This transaction is secure and all information contained within are subject to ADV-Care privacy standards.

  • To use this E-check you must have a valid checking account with sufficient funds to cover this transaction.

  • Take a check out of your check book and make it out to ADV-Care Pharmacy or write VOID across the front (Once the check is used, do not re-use again)

    A- Enter the numbers from the bottom of your check, from left to right. Do not enter the bank symbols, only the numbers. The first set of 9 numbers is the bank routing number & it is always 9 digits. The second set of numbers is your account number. The third set of numbers is your check number. Use the symbols as a guide. See below a copy of a typical US bank check.

    B- If you are using Canadian bank check, the first set of number is your check number, the second set of number is your bank number(always 4 digits). The 3 digits for the bank number is followed by your account number. See below a copy of typical Canadian bank check.

  • Click on the "Continue" button to submit your account information. Charges are not automatic & only processed once your paperwork/order is complete. To avoid duplicate submission only click "Submit" once.

  • Submit your AUTHORIZATION FOR E-CHECK DEBIT form when you use this payment method for the first time. Send this signed form with all the necessary paperwork for your first order (include original prescriptions, customs statement and a brief medical summary).

    Also, you can click here to download our E-check authorization form.

  • Keep the carbon copy of your submitted check for your records.

  • ADV-Care will provide a Receipt along with your order containing the details of your purchase.

A - Copy of US Bank Check

Domain Age Checker

B - Copy of Canadian Bank Check

Domain Age Checker

Conditions for E-check Debit Payments:

  • There will be a $35.00 USD fee or the maximum amount permitted by law for returned checks. The check writer is also responsible for all other costs of collection.

  • Your usage of E-check debit for payment is your acceptance of this agreement and its terms.

  • Check fraud and fraud attempts will be reported to the authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law..