Providing a Convenient and Secure Way to Buy Prescription Medication at the Best Possible Price

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Providing a Convenient and Secure Way to Buy Prescription Medication at the Best Possible Price

Providing a Convenient and Secure Way to Buy Prescription Medication at the Best Possible Price


The internet has dramatically changed our lives, communication, as well as procurement practices. It has also transformed the way patients receive healthcare by eliminating the geographical boundaries and making quality healthcare more accessible and affordable even in far-flung areas. As a result, today customers expect a convenient healthcare system with all their medications delivered right at their doorstep. They need a reliable, secure, and user-friendly platform to buy prescription medication at a lower cost. Catering to this need of the hour is ADV-Care

Pharmacy Inc, a leading Canadian online mail- order pharmacy that offers a convenient way to order medication with top-notch privacy, data security, and competitive price.

ADV-Care Pharmacy Inc was born in 1998 when a group of engineers and pharmacists saw the potential in emerging internet technology to improve the quality and efficiency of prescription drug delivery services. At that time, only banks were taking full advantage of this technology by introducing their platform online. So, the pioneers decided to harness the

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technology to provide patients with a convenient and safe way to order their medication. They planned to offer OTC and prescription products online but quickly realized that consumers won’t be able to know how much their prescription medication really cost unless they pay for it in cash. So, they decided to publish the medication prices so that patients can see how much they can save with ADV-Care. To their surprise, an avalanche of orders swamped their system and crashed their phone system. This was a wake- up call that prompted the bases of ADV-Care Pharmacy services, technology, and processes that developed and progressed since the year 2000.

The Journey of ADV-Care So Far

During 2000 and 2001 ADV-Care continued developing its processes to further improve its services. With a large volume of prescription orders to process daily, the company had to turn to technology and start re-engineering the dispensing process to streamline prescription filling with emphasis on improving efficiency, maintaining a low cost of service, and eliminating any dispensing error while providing the highest MTM (Medication Therapy Management). It offeredasecureplatformwheretheonline patient can fill their complete information regarding their medical profile, medical

conditions, allergies, and current medications before they can order their medication for a new prescription or refill.

“This data is collected online or by phone, and each entry has its own first data code that later is automatically analyzed for duplicate therapy, contraindication, appropriate doses, and allergies. The result of the automated analysis is presented to the dispensing pharmacist for final review before counseling and dispensing the medication,” explains NaimOriezi, the Operations Manager of International Pharma Supply Chain at ADV-Care Pharmacy.

“Thanks to low Canadian drug prices, all our patients can afford their exact prescribed medication and they do not skip or choose an unsuitable alternative. Annually, the pharmacy services include a comprehensive medication review (CMR) to identify OTC or prescription medication problems and create an action plan to resolves the issues,” he adds.

Delivering Confidential and Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Services

Today, ADV-Care Pharmacy provides secured personal, confidential, comprehensive, customized pharmaceutical services on a one-to- one basis. With its secured website, new patients

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can order their new prescriptions online any time 24/7 while its registered patients can get instant access to their prescription history, account information, and more for easy re- ordering. In addition to individual patient’s service, it also offers pharmaceutical, specialty, and orphan drugs to clinics and intermediaries across the world in multiple languages. Privacy and data security of customers are the top priority for ADV-Care. Thus, it provides bank- level security using IBM technology, with stringent privacy protection for all the personal, medical, and financial data of customers. It has also implemented new and improved fulfillment technology for cold-chain medication such as insulin.

Bringing True Value for Clients

Besides its consistent top-notch service, ADV- Care’s key to success also lies in its ability to build and maintain trusted relationships with its clients. The company always keeps the customers’ needs at the forefront and strives to provide seamless services to its clients. It is launching intelligent BOT to answer patients’ questions and provide instant advice and its integrated Telehealth applications are designed to offer at-home medication reminders to improve drug adherence.

“Although the pharmacy does not have any face-to-face relationship with its patient, we keep close contact by using automated refill reminders by phone or email. We also advise our patients with their orders processing status

and track the delivery route using transactional email and/or voice messages. Meanwhile, patients can talk directly to our pharmacist any time for any inquiry,” asserts Naim.

Ensuring quality service and delivering customer satisfaction are the core values ingrained within the team of ADV-Care. The company fosters a cooperative culture and family atmosphere where each team member genuinely cares for each other and works together towards a common objective of providing the clients with the best possible service. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is focusing on providing consistent support to its customers by keeping them informed with valuable medical information using blogs and social media.

Continues Pursuing Excellence and Innovation

Placing pharmacy at the fingertips of a patient, ADV-Care is embarked on a mission to transform the way prescription medications are ordered and delivered. To aid this mission, the company is leveraging technology and IBM AI (Artificial Intelligence) to offer its service on any device including mobile app and remote ordering terminals (kiosks) reaching patients anywhere.

Moving into the future, the company plans to continue leveraging innovative technologies to further enhance its customers’ experience. It also aims tobecome the pharmacy of choice for people seeking a trustworthy alternative and the best value for conveniently filling prescriptions to treat their chronic conditions.

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