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Welcome back to our Canadian Prescription Service.

impotent Please allow up to 7 days for delivery of your first order.
Shipping in Canada is FREE when the cost of your medication (not your copay) is more than $79, otherwise a shipping fee of $7 is charged to your order total.

For prescription order, please click one of the following links.

  1.  Order New
    /Refill Rx Online

    Order your medicine online as an "Rx product" and add it to your shopping basket. Please continue to provide your method of payment and shipping address to complete the order.

    Please Note all listed products are Manufactured for sale in Canada and are shipped from Canada.

  2. Sending Your Rx

    Your attending physician(s) can fax your prescription(s) with the Customs Statement to toll free 1-877-948-0464 OR the Original Rx Hard Copy can be mailed to our address. For your convenience please have your prescription(s) written for a 3 months supply with 3 refills (whenever possible). Please ensure that your order is correct. Medicines cannot be returned after being shipped.  Faxing from outside of North America - 1-905-948-0464.

  3. Transfer your Prescription/s

    If you have your prescription(s) filled at another Canadian pharmacy and would like us to fill them for you, you can select the drug(s) to transfer your prescriptions online.

  4. Pay for Your Order

    You can pay for your order by credit card or personal check, Click Here for instructions on how to pay using your personal check.

    Also, you can click Here to download our eCheck pre-authorization form.

  5. Order Status

    If you have filled your prescriptions with ADV-CARE you can check online your medication Order Status any time or Click Here to check your mailed/phoned Order Status.

  6. Fax Order

    If you have not registered online with us and prefer to fax all your information to us, you can download our Fax Kit with detailed instructions. To view the Fax Kit, you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Please ensure that your credit card number and expiry date are included if your order is mailed or faxed.

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We have a wide selection of over the counter (OTC) products.

If you have any queries or concerns for OTC products, please contact at (888) 471-4721.