Telemedicine and Tele-Healthcare is Changing Patients and Employee Benefits Landscape

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Telemedicine and Tele-Healthcare is Changing Patients and Employee Benefits Landscape

The pandemic has changed the healthcare landscape forever as patients have migrated to a more digital way of life. Employers in turn are shifting their benefits programs to accommodate the changing needs of their employees in efforts to not only improve their quality of work, but to also increase job satisfaction, reduce days off work, and improve the overall quality of their lives, which in turn results in increased overall productivity. Sounds like a win-win!

The increasing role of Tele Healthcare ADV-Care Pharmacy

Recent surveys have shown that Canadians these days are busier than ever and almost one third of the time forget to pick up their medications from their pharmacy. ADV-Care Pharmacy, a trusted digital pharmacy served over than 100,000 patients for more than 21 years providing patients access services virtually. Patients no longer need to drive to their local pharmacy, look for parking, wait in lines, and lose valuable time. Their prescriptions are faxed directly to the pharmacy by their physician and their medication is delivered right to their homes.

It’s convenience at their fingertips which enables Canadians to discreetly access pharmacy services virtually. A patient can easily connect with a licensed pharmacist through a secure video call to view medication or visually describe meds administration, via live chat, through a mobile app to place orders, or just via a phone call, to access all their pharmacy needs.

Benefits providers are only beginning to convey the Virtual Health Services available to employers and their employees

A recent survey conducted by the Competition Bureau of Canada found that 47% of those surveyed want more digital health services, and as many as 72% are already receiving medical advice from their healthcare provider by telephone. Booking appointments electronically and accessing websites, using interactive online tools and services designed to support or monitor health, or using mobile applications are already commonly-used digital health services. The survey also indicated that today only 23% are using virtual pharmacy services such as those offered by ADV-Care Pharmacy. The lack of awareness is the major reason for the lag in patients adopting these types of services, which employers and their HR departments need to play a bigger role in communicating to their employees.

Pharmacy playing an increasing role in Health and Wellness Services

According to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Pharmacy Study, over half of those surveyed have utilized health and wellness services offered by their retail pharmacy. Patients are becoming more comfortable with the increasing services pharmacies can provide which include routine screenings, health coaching, medication reviews, smoking cessation counselling, and prescribing of certain medications without the need to see their physicians. Companies like, ADV-Care, are offering mobile apps that can provide medication reminders, auto-refills, secure video calling, medication management, remote monitoring, and eventually to offer Artificial Intelligence based diagnosis that can warn of impending health issues long before they are detected.

Consumers are increasingly turning to virtual solutions for their healthcare needs and employers and benefits providers need to get ahead of the curve by informing and educating their employees of these readily available services, which often also result in increased cost savings for all stakeholders. The result is a win-win for patients, providers, and the entire healthcare system.


ADV-Care Pharmacy is an Ontario accredited pharmacy servicing Canadians coast-to-coast by offering full pharmacy services that can be easily and discreetly accessed online. With robust state-of-the-art technologies, ADV-Care enables patients to save considerable cost, by offering among the industry’s lowest dispensing fees, and enables consumers to save considerable time by not having to drive to their pharmacy and wait in lines. Founded in 2000 and having served over 100,000 patients, the founders of ADV-Care are pioneers in their industry and continue to develop technologies that ultimately improve the lives of the patients that they serve while saving them considerable cost. Visit ADV-Care Pharmacy today to learn more.


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